BookBlogger Bookmarks : 10 Great Posts I’ve Read This Week (#001)

Noticed a few other bloggers doing this and I would like to share in the love of highlighting some posts by the bloggers I follow.

Plan on posting weekly. Ten links in no particular order that I bookmarked from across the bookblogging web (but mainly from WordPress blogs I follow.) Nearly all are book-related though I may occasionally include other blog posts of interest.

Originally saw this type of idea on multiple blogs, here are a few (may update this post later if I’m forgetting anyone)

– Leelyn from Sometimes Leelyn Reads
– Nicki from Secret Library Book Blog
– Alison from Alison In Bookland

There were more I wanted to include but will get to those next week. Most of the posts aren’t more than a week old but a few might be. I hope you all check out some of these great book blogs, and thanks for checking out this post as well. Until next time-

29 thoughts on “BookBlogger Bookmarks : 10 Great Posts I’ve Read This Week (#001)

  1. I love these type of posts! It’s an ~ easier ~ way to discover new bloggers haha. Thank you so much for bookmarking my post 💕! I love learning why people gravitate towards certain genres too even though the genres may not be my cup of tea 😁.

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