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Greetings! My name is Kitty Marie, and I’m an avid reader. All throughout 2019 I’ve been reading and writing informative and detailed reviews on each book finished. My taste in genres reach far and wide- general fiction, fantasy, romance, literary fiction, YA, thrillers, graphic novels, and so on.

As mentioned on my Review Policy page, I do sometimes seek out #ownvoices novels having to do with biracial or multicultural characters, Asian rep, or certain mental health and neurodiversity rep as I can provide more insightful commentary and critique.

This blog is a space for

Reviews of books, online booksellers, and bookish items
– Book Recommendations
– Info on New and Upcoming Releases
Blog Tour Participation
– Fun Bookish posts
– Weekly Reading Updates, bookish memes/tags and features
– Pic-heavy book-related hauls / unboxings
– Detailed and original multi-post series on bookish topics like audiobooks, ebooks, and library resources.

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