Random Book Covers That I Think Are Beautiful / by 5 Authors

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday, I have several posts in the works. Some drafted, some half finished, some 90%+ finished, but here I am making a whole other utterly random post that has no connection to my original plans or schedule. :’D

This is just a collection of book covers that I consider beautiful or otherwise quite to my tastes, in order, and separated by author. If anyone knows of artists with similar styles or book covers with any sort of aesthetic similar these, I do heartily welcome recommendations.

Without further ado, here are the covers-

1.) Any Book by Patricia A. McKillip

I cannot for the life of me pick one. Basically if the book says “Patricia A. McKillip somewhere on it, it’s my favorite book cover of all time. How wondrous it would be to see these re-released as some large coffee table format hardcovers! I doubt such will happen but it’s just a bookish dream.<3 Anyway, the artist’s name is Kinuko Craft (official site at the link) and all of their art is so beautiful that I could cry, guys.

She also did this cover for a Juliet Marillier book.

Love covers that are busy and doing a lot with a ton of tiny details.

2.) Dragon Unleashed by Grace Draven

This cover was my inspiration for this post. I guess my aesthetic is delicate fae-looking girls. I believe this is the second in a series and totally something I’d impulse-buy despite knowing nothing about it.

3. Various Original Vintage V.C. Andrews Covers

There is this new Lifetime movie adaptation series of the Casteel book series by V.C. Andrews, of which Dark Angel is the second book. After seeing the casting I am FOREVER SALTY at how Heaven (the main character, pictured above) looks nothing like that cover art. The actress has a completely different hair color, a completely different face, not even the slightest similarity. I will still probably watch the adaptations tirelessly regardless of how good or bad they are though, as I have a lot of old nostalgic guilty pleasure love for V.C. Andrews books.

After thinking about it I realized how much the art of these books, haunting as the characters may look at times, left a huge impact on how I will always envision the characters. And I just miss having illustrated casts of characters on pop-out covers. This was a thing for a couple years in random old paperbacks from the 80s – 90s, and the trend was stopped, never to appear again. It was a neat little gimmick that I hope comes back someday, as it was always a surprise to see what the whole art looked like on the inside.

4. Miscellaneous Newer Cassandra Clare Books

Not a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments series though I read books 1-3. I will probably continue them at some point when the urge strikes but I really love the looks of some of the newer books from various other series by Cassandra Clare. Whenever I go to Barnes and Noble, they really stand out.

5. Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Caroll – Barnes & Noble Collector’s Edition

I usually dislike contemporary cover updates to classics but the Tim Burton-esque charm of this design is just hard to resist. Also adore the bind and, in general, dustjacket-less hardbacks with art built into the covers are nice.

Thanks a bunch for reading this post today! Do you have a favorite book cover or have made a post before about book covers? (Mention it in the comments if so, I’ll check it out!) Also, if you know of any aesthetically similar covers to any I’ve mentioned above I’d happily welcome recommendations! As always, I appreciate your comments and likes.


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