November Reading Wrap-Up + Activity Update

Hello everyone! I’d taken a break from reading and blogging during the last week of November. Definitely had a slump going on but am returning now- looking forward to reading everyone’s blog posts and being more active. I’ve missed this hobby. Sorry for the lack of a heads up, was not expecting to be less active for that extended time.

I finished six books during the month of November. Have a lot of reading plans for December and am hoping to reach my reading goals by the end of the year. Will be reading some shorter books, some ARCs, and some graphic novels/manga. Just a varied assortment. But without further ado, here are the six books I finished in November, in order from date completed…

1.) Unnatural Magic by C.M. Waggoner (Click here to read my full review.)

This was a November 2019 release, a mature fantasy with a dated elegance and unique focus on trolls (or rather, trolls and humans integrated in a unique world.) While not without issues, this is one of the more well-realized reads I’ve come across this year and definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something different.

2.) Songs From The Deep by Kelly Powell (Click here to read my full review.)

Another November 2019 release and ARC I’d been approved for. This is a low key mystery and supernatural tale about a small seaside town where sirens haunt it shores. A short but well-paced read, probably my favorite of this month’s batch.

3.) The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White (Click here to read my full review.)

Yet another ARC and November 2019 read! Looked forward to this one. The cover is so pretty and the premise (fairytale retold) seemed right up my alley. While consistently readable and having some charm, it fell short of rather large expectations.

4.) Bonjour Shanghai by Isabelle Lafleche (Click here to read my full review.)

A cutesy and simple YA contemporary. Reminds me a bit of The Babysitter’s Coven by Kate Williams. Bonjour Shanghai is the sequel to a prior book called Bonjour Girl. It’s surprisingly self-contained and simple to follow despite being a sequel. A breezy read but not altogether memorable.

5.) The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren (Click here to read my full review.)

I was eagerly anticipating this one after adoring and giving The Hating Game by Sally Thorne top marks. The Unhoneymooners has a similar vibe and premise, plus a keen focus on my favorite romance trope- enemies to lovers. Something about it didn’t click with me overall.

6.) Dominion of the Star by Angelica Clyman (Click here to read my full review.)

Dominion of the Star is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi action/drama with an impressive length and unique atmosphere. It’s worth trying if the premise and writing style intrigues you.

My favorite read this month was Songs From The Deep. Going by a five star rating scale, I gave 4 books 3 stars, 1 book 2 stars, and 1 book 4 stars. Sadly no 5 star reads this month- hoping to encounter some 5-starrable reads in December! Right now I’m reading The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, not very far in but the writing style is fantastic.

How was your November for reading? What are your plans (if any) for December? Best of luck in achieving your end-of-year reading goals! Thanks so much for checking out this post and for sticking with me in this reading journey, your likes/comments/clicks are very appreciated. I’ll be writing a review of The Bookish Life of Nina Hill soon. ~ Kitty

8 thoughts on “November Reading Wrap-Up + Activity Update

  1. Great recap, Kitty! Sorry to hear that you’re going through a slump but you do what you gotta do, even if it means getting off the blogosphere for a while. I really enjoyed reading all your reviews from this month though and your presence is missed 🙂 Hope December gets better in terms of the slump! Happy reading 😍

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