BookBlogger Bookmarks : 10 Great Posts I’ve Read This Week (#004)


Noticed a few other bloggers doing this and I would like to share in the love of highlighting some posts by the bloggers I follow.

Here are ten links in no particular order that I bookmarked from across the bookblogging web (but mainly from WordPress blogs I follow.) Nearly all are bookish though I may occasionally include other blog posts of interest.

Originally saw this type of idea on multiple blogs, here are a few (may update this post later if I’m forgetting anyone)

– Leelyn from Sometimes Leelyn Reads
– Nicki from Secret Library Book Blog
– Alison from Alison In Bookland

homework studying GIF by Pusheen

Dani’s Book ShelfI Hit A Zero TBR! – All about a goal that would seem herculean for many of us book bloggers, along with how they got there and what was learned from the experience. Inspiring for those seeking to trim their TBRs.

Coycaterpillar Reads20 Book Quotes That Have Changed My Outlook On Life – 20 wonderful quotes from various authors that run the gamut, all having to do with reading and how it shapes us. A great post idea.

Devour Books With DanaDoes Disliking The Main Character Make A Book Bad? (Discussion Post) – This post does have revealing info about a book called The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett, but also an interesting larger discussion on unlikable main characters and how they affect the reading experience.

Alison In BooklandQuick Guide to Bookstagram Hash Tags – Most book bloggers already understand Bookstagram much more than I do, but this post is SUPER helpful for the tag ideas and knowledge of daily tags!

The Uncorked LibrarianHow To Start A Killer Bookstagram For Beginners – This is an older post but pic-heavy, tons of advice covering a full spectrum of things to know when making a Bookish Instagram. One of the best fave posts ever!

Clarissa Reads It AllThe Importance of ARCs – A detailed and helpful post explaining ARCs, what they are, and the differences between them and final versions.

The Pine-Scented ChroniclesBook Review #143 : Pachinko – I was fortunate enough to buy this book at a recent library book sale and have been meaning to read it. This lengthy and detailed review has me even more eager to read it, and the use of quotes show off the writing style’s flair.

AE Lily ReadsFavorite Horror Books By Women pt. 3 – Part 3 of this marvelous Halloween-perfect series! Found many new authors and underrepped books to TBR from this one, highly recommend.

Before We Go BlogWhy These Seven Songs Should Be Graphic Novels – One of the most creative concepts for a post ever, these songs are each linked to their coinciding Youtube music videos are awesome choices that would make incredible graphic novels.

TheGeekishBrunetteFabled Merch Unboxing: Stalking Jack the Ripper – Gorgeous close-up pics of a bookish unboxing. Haven’t heard of Fabled Merch until now and am curious to check them out. This blog has a ton of other unboxings worth looking at as well.


Thanks for checking out this installment of 10 posts from 10 awesome book bloggers! Some of these posts are on the older side since I skipped posting last week. They’re all worth checking out + following though. I hope you find posts to enjoy within each of these reading blogs.

Happy reading,


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