Bookoutlet Haul! + Bookstore Review

For something a bit different, I’m reviewing an online bookstore today. This is going to be a pic-heavy review/overview that I hope will have helpful details for people thinking of buying from Bookoutlet. I heard about them through BooksandLala‘s Youtube channel, and have been following the prices on a number of titles. The defining points of BookOutlet for me are the high availability of new/newer release titles at cheaper than Amazon/eBay/typical discount merchants. Books are as low as 65-85% off, but for free shipping (within US and Canada) an order needs to be at or over $35. So I decided to wait until a number of titles high on my TBR showed up at once and did a large order. They do offer international shipping, but I highly suggest cross-checking the end prices with Book Depository before ordering.

Another neat point about Bookoutlet is their very generous referral program, if you sign up and order through this link we’ll both get $10 off on a purchase. Thank you kindly in advance to any who order through that link.

Also of note is that Bookoutlet is having a sale until 10/22/2019 at 4 PM EST, 15% off of everything.

Anyway, onto the review~

I live in Michigan (US) and ordered on September 17th. A tracking number was supplied just a couple days later, and the package arrived via UPS on September 23. Relative to other online shopping experiences, I’d give the area of packaging, shipping, handling, and speed top marks.

Now, for the books-

1.) Girls With Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young
Condition : Scratch and Dent
List Price : $18.99 / Price Paid : $2.79

This title was marked as ‘scratch and dent’ and was marked down to half of its already crazy low price. I was curious about what a scratch and dent book would look like, so decided to take the chance.. here it is.

This is easily one of the best of the books in terms of condition. The cover, dust jacket, everything looks fantastic. Would easily look flawless on a shelf. After looking closer I found the dent mentioned.

I could definitely live with this given the price.

2.) American Panda by Gloria Chao
Condition : Bargain Book
List Price : $17.99 / Price Paid : $2.29

Bargain book condition (which is the vast majority of books on Bookoutlet) relates to remainder marks or stickers from a previous bookstore on the cover. This book had no stickers and, minus a little bit of roughness at the very bottom of the spine dust jacket, looks absolutely like new.

This book is still in stock and because of Bookoutlet’s sale going on right now, it’s available for $1.94.

3.) Anger Is A Gift by Mark Oshiro
Condition : Bargain Book (Normal)
List Price : $17.99 / Price Paid : $4.89

What a HUGE surprise, because I was not expecting a signed copy at all!! Definitely the most shocking and wonderful acquisition of the lot. The only issue is that the dust jacket was not folded in exactly the right way so I ended up having to refold it. Looks kind of weird in the corner. No biggie. Am still floored at getting a signed book, moreover at such a massive discount!!

4.) The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
Condition : Bargain Book (Normal)
List Price : $27.00 / Price Paid : $7.59

Let me just start by saying I’ve been hunting for this book for a while, namely stalking it on Thriftbooks. Whenever I go to buy, someone snatches it up at the very good/good condition level for $8-10. Very thrilled to find it cheaper at BookOutlet, and in what is basically brand new condition.

5.) Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate
Condition : Bargain Book (Normal)
List Price : $26.00 / Price Paid : $6.49

6.) Sea Witch by Sarah Henning
Condition : Bargain Book (Normal)
List Price : 17.99 / Price Paid : $4.89

Both are in fantastic condition, as pictured. Also worth noting, while the price situation is likely very different now, at the time of buying these their prices on Amazon were about twice more expensive used for both titles. Seeing these differences and the basically new condition, I’m definitely making a routine of checking Bookoutlet first from now on before buying titles.

and now for the title I was most excited for…

7.) The Books of Earthsea (The Complete Illustrated Edition)
Condition : Bargain Book (Normal)
List Price : $59.99 / Price Paid : $19.09 (Current sale price $16.22)

This beautiful book is a BEHEMOTH! Definitely need a good table or better-than-average lapdesk to navigate this one. It’s almost a thousand thick pages. The books are all comprised into this giant tome, complete with some lovely full-page illustrations and this pictured full-color inner cover. Just stunning. I’d used someone’s Bookoutlet referral code to get $10 off, so I kind of think of this book- which regularly went for $30+ at the highest discount at the time- as costing just $9.09.

Here are all 7 books together. Given the heavily discounted prices of each, I consider this a monumental deal and would totally buy from Bookoutlet again. Was a bit scared that bargain book condition would result in some kind of very visibly flawed condition but this order yielded 7 new/like new books, one signed by the author, and one book whose typical value makes up 70% of the cost of this whole lot. The shipping was fast and the box was well packed. Highly recommend Bookoutlet in the future!

Bookoutlet Referral Link <- Thanks again in advance to all those who might order using this link. Hope you find some very worthwhile titles.

I hope these pictures are helpful to anyone who is curious about Bookoutlet’s condition notes. I was really happy to find that none of the books had store stickers. Was a bit concerned about the condition of the scratch and dent book- it was very worth the dollars, I would buy a title with that label again. Have you bought from Bookoutlet before? Where do you generally go to get books? Thanks so much for reading this post. – Kitty


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    1. Thanks so much!! I’m glad it’s been a helpful post. πŸ˜€ While I waited til hitting the $35 minimum order purchase mark for the free shipping, the shipping cost is quite reasonable on smaller orders. I hope you have a good experience if you do go for them. πŸ™‚


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