Friday Favorites : Favorite Unfinished Series

Friday Favorites was born out of a love for lists, books, and positive thinking! I was inspired to host this weekly meme from That Artsy Reader Girl, who hosts Top Ten Tuesday (which is an awesome weekly blog meme that y’all should check out!). I kept thinking of list topics I wanted to explore with my blog, thus Friday Favorites was ushered into this bookish world.

September 13: Favorite Unfinished Series (either you haven’t read all the books or series that aren’t complete yet)

Not unlike last week’s Friday Favorites with side characters, I have way too many unfinished series and favorites within that selection. This post will be extensive but I hope to motivate myself to continue and/or finish these series and maybe help people find what might be their next favorite series!

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Lets go!

10.) The Gamblers of Cravens (Book 2, Dreaming of You) by Lisa Kleypas (Amazon Link)

This is a real change of pace from my usual reading/usual book blogging and a sort of blast from the past from a year where I only read some 80s-90s books. I’d heard that Dreaming of You was Lisa Kleypas’s best (that info may be outdated) but Then Came You came first, so I read that. Loved it. Somehow never read the book I had always been intending to read. That happens a lot actually. ^^”

9.) The Mortal Instruments (Book 4, City of Fallen Angels) by Cassandra Clare (Amazon Link)

I had mixed feelings about the first two books of this series but City of Glass finally won me over. Funny, since I stopped reading the series right there and got distracted by other things. Jonetta from Blue Mood Cafe (another book blog you should check out) informed me that pausing and reading The Infernal Devices series, also by Clare, is advised. Sounds like a great plan since I’m more interested in it!

8.) You (Book 2, Hidden Bodies) by Caroline Kepnes (Amazon Link)

I’m scared to read this, I probably should have added this to my books I’m scared to read post, lol. The deal with this one is that it has many mixed reviews. Long story short, I absolutely LOVED You. It might still be my favorite book of 2019. It cemented reading as being my foremost hobby this year. But it’s perfect the way it is and I feel like any direction Hidden Bodies might go in.. might not be ideal. Would love to hear the thoughts of any who’ve read it.

7.) A Court of Thorns and Roses (Book 3, A Court Of Wings And Ruin) by Sarah J. Maas (Amazon Link)

I liked A Court of Mist and Fury but was pretty exhausted after reading it, I felt that bookish feeling of “let me set this aside for months and come back recharged and ready to go” I feel like I could read the third book any time now but will put it off. Absence makes the heart grow fonder after all!

6.) The Lunar Chronicles (Book 2, Scarlet) by Marissa Meyer (Amazon Link)

I’ve heard that the best characters of this series are coming in the second book and onward. Glad to hear it, and very curious to see where this charming little fairy tales-meets-sci fi series goes.

5.) The Raven Cycle (Book 2, The Dream Thieves) by Maggie Stiefvater (Amazon Link)

One of the more distinctive YA titles I’ve read this year was The Raven Boys. I’d love to hear more about Blue’s aunts and the boys themselves. Another neat thing is that this book (or at least the sequel) is supported by Kindle’s Lending program so I will probably get this one easily when I’m ready for it.

4.) The Folk Of The Air (Book 2, The Wicked King) by Holly Black (Amazon Link)

The first book- The Cruel Prince- set up fantastic ground work and I’m hoping this sequel is very entertaining as a result. I did like The Cruel Prince quite a bit, but am hoping that The Wicked King is sensational. The third book is coming out before long, moreover.

3.) A Song Of Ice And Fire (Book 2, A Clash of Kings) by George R.R. Martin (Amazon Link)

I keep bringing up this series in every list, lol. Long story short I was in love with A Game of Thrones and probably should have just dropped everything to marathon this second book while that enthusiasm was at its peak. I am looking forward to it still.

2.) Harry Potter (Book 4, The Goblet of Fire) by J.K. Rowling (Amazon Link)

I’ve been taking Harry Potter pretty slowly. Considering watching the film adaptations of the first three books to build momentum, and maybe offer some better visualizing of how the world was intended to look since some of the more fantastical elements were a bit lost on me.

1.) Six of Crows Duology / Crooked Kingdom (Book 2, Crooked Kingdom) by Leigh Bardugo (Amazon Link)

With how much I have gushed about Six of Crows I should have read its sequel ages ago but somehow haven’t. The main reason being that it was, at the time, the last Leigh Bardugo book I would have to read. This was before King of Scars and now Ninth House on the horizon. I’m getting to Crooked Kingdom ASAP actually, as my library borrow of it has come through recently.

Wow these are a lot of books and a lot of series. That would be a lot of reading. I was also going to add Throne of Glass’s sequel, but wanted this to be a top 10. Have you read any of these books/series? Or are planning to? I’d love to hear your thoughts as always.


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Favorite Unfinished Series

  1. Funny story about wicked prince and Crooked kingdom… because I have this horrific pattern of mixing up titles I used to cross them and go with Crooked prince and Wicked Kingdom for ages lol

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      1. YES!!!! Omg all the time! Thank god it isnt just ms. Recently it’s been Ninth Girl because of Tenth girl and Ninth house lol!

        And yes!!! We should starta petition for LB and HB to write THAT book

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  2. I am just about to begin reading Six of Crows, exciting! Also I HIGHLY recommend the infernal devices series, it is absolutely wonderful (and a trilogy so less physically demanding, but much more emotionally so). Loved the post!

    💚 Nish

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  3. I’m so guilty of not finishing series 😂 I always tend to stop after a book I’ve really enjoyed… something we seem to have in common! I absolutely adore Dreaming of You ❤️ I went through a historical romance phase a little while back and this was one of my favs from that. I hope you end up enjoying it if/when you get around to it 😄 I love the idea of this post. Are you doing it as a weekly meme and sharing the topics?

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    1. This was the Friday Favorites post idea for this week, I love doing these they are so fun and this one happens to be so relevant lol. 😀 I’m glad to hear you’ve read Dreaming Of You! ❤️ I kind of have separate TBRs (in my mind, lol) of romances and this one is somewhere in the top ten. And yes, not finishing series is my curse glad to not be alone w/that haha.

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  4. Bahaha I’m so glad I’m not the only with an extensive list for this week’s prompt 😂 I started feeling really guilty as I was writing my list because WHY am I so bad at finishing series, especially when I always want to start new ones?! Haha I have TWK on mine too and I’ve been meaning to read The Raven Cycle because I keep hearing about it recently 😅The Lunar Chronicles is one of my fave series though, such unique retellings IMO, so I hope you enjoy it when you get to it 😃

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  5. I had no idea Hidden Bodies was a series!!!

    On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 8:32 AM kitty marie’s reading corner wrote:

    > Kitty Marie’s Book Reviews Blog posted: ” Friday Favorites was born out of > a love for lists, books, and positive thinking! I was inspired to host this > weekly meme from That Artsy Reader Girl, who hosts Top Ten Tuesday (which > is an awesome weekly blog meme that y’all should check out!). I kep” >

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