Friday Favorites : Favorite Side Characters (09/06/19)

Friday Favorites was born out of a love for lists, books, and positive thinking! I was inspired to host this weekly meme from That Artsy Reader Girl, who hosts Top Ten Tuesday (which is an awesome weekly blog meme that y’all should check out!). I kept thinking of list topics I wanted to explore with my blog, thus Friday Favorites was ushered into this bookish world.

September 6: Favorite Side Characters

Who are my favorite side characters? Easy, all of them. All the side characters ever.

Okay that’s actually a pic from an old favorite videogame series called Suikoden but seriously, I love side characters in general and have a huge collection of side characters from all manner of media. Side characters are often leave me more curious than the main characters/main cast.

These selections are not in order, minus Kenji.

1.) Kenji from Shatter Me (series)

As I stated in my review here, Kenji is a character that needs to be spirited into every single YA series ever so he can call out the characters and tell them what’s what. He is funny, smart, supportive, but tells it like it is. LOVE KENJI.

2.) Lucien from A Court Of Thorns And Roses (series)

I love that he’s not in love with the main character. In the first book in this series, he had the more interesting back story. At the end of the second book, something happens that continues his intrigue. I also like Nesta and Cassian, other side characters.

3.) The Fox from The Little Prince

IMO, the most iconic character from this book. Provides the best lines in the novel.

4.) Claudia from Interview With The Vampire

The narrative was so focused on Louis and Lestat’s angsty feelings for each other and Claudia kind of falls in the background. But I want to know more about vampire children, and there is a mysteriousness to this character and how growing into an adult mentally but not physically has an effect on her psyche.

5.) Kitty from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

I mentioned this character before but she is a ray of sunshine and rounds out the sisters of this book well. Would love to read a series from her spunky POV. Also love that her name is Kitty!

6.) Carrie from Flowers In The Attic/Petals On The Wind

I always felt badly for Carrie when reading and re-reading the second book in the Dollanganger series, Petals on the Wind. Then I watched the Lifetime film adaptation and was damn near crying over her plot line. This character deserved more attention and just more in general.

7.) Kartik from A Great And Terrible Beauty / Gemma Doyle series

What’s really neat about the Gemma Doyle series is all of the persistently well-developed female characters and a lack of emphasis on romance/boys. What’s funny though, I adored Kartik, one of the only male characters and Gemma’s kinda/sorta love interest. One of the only YA series that doesn’t have much romance and I stan the couple in it, very typical luck lol. Kartik is great and the enemies to lovers is sublime. Still mad about a certain event during the ending of this series though.

8.) Oak from The Cruel Prince

So the reason why I like this kid at all- the world of The Cruel Prince is full of these arrogant, spiteful, malevolent fae and Oak’s parents well fit that description (in the first book anyway.) All of the adults and culture surrounding this kid should influence him to follow suit. Yet he’s miraculously a sweetheart and uncharacteristically innocent. I’ve only read the first book though so don’t know how he might change in the future, but I like that ‘rose that grew from concrete’ setup.

9.) Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird

It’s kind of spoiler-y to mention too much about this character but I adore him, what he stands for, his role in the story.

There are several more characters than this but am putting the limit at nine for now. Do you enjoy any of these characters/series? Who are some of your favorite side characters in books? Always interested to hear your thoughts!


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Favorite Side Characters (09/06/19)

  1. I didn’t quite feel the love so much for Lucien, but Cassian and Nesta definitely captured my heart ❀ I'm keen to give Cruel Prince a try sometime. I've been put off since I don't generally enjoy reading about fae (I'm probably one of the few πŸ˜› ). It seems worth a try sometime though.

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  2. I’ve only read one of these books so I’ll have to take your words for it that these character are awesome, but my favourite side character is Peregrin Took from ‘Lord of the Rings’. He does not get the love he deserves

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  3. I adore Kitty so much. She was a highlight of the whole series, because I just loved her snark and wanting the best for Lara Jean. I kinda want to see the whole series from her POV tho, because I feel like it would be interesting.

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