Top Ten Tuesday : Book Characters I’d Love To Be Besties With

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. I first encountered it from TheGeekishBrunette‘s blog today.

This is one of my favorite tags yet! Here are my selections, in a somewhat random order.

1.) May Kasahara from The Wind Up Bird Chronicle

May is just full of creative thoughts and ideas that kind of bend and twist the main character’s brain. She also sends very endearing letters and I would just love to have those chats with such a force of nature. We’d need to not hang around any wells though.

2.) Sadie from Sadie

It’s been months and I still feel for this character. Granted we might constantly be in danger given her activities but this girl desperately needed a friend and ugh.. the feels of it.

3.) Tyrion from A Game Of Thrones

I heard he isn’t so likable later but in book one he was constantly making me laugh. Characters who can be humorous in such a tough environment and in dire straits are everything.

4.) Richard Parker from Life of Pi

RICHARD. Okay so I am in love with Richard and he is by far the most aesthetically pleasing character on this list. People who’ve read the book will probably lol at his inclusion but I want to meet him so much T__T

5.) Amanda Lucas from Dark Matter

Okay granted, we don’t know that much about Amanda. But she can travel the multiverse and strikes me as a wanderer in search of new experiences. I think she made the right decision in this book and I’d love to hang out and go traveling through worlds, it would be fun.

6.) Carrie from Petals On The Wind (Sequel to Flowers In The Attic)

I first read this book when I was 11 years old or so and felt so bad for Carrie and just wanted to reach in and do something to help her. Then I saw the film adaptation and felt even more that way. Poor freaking Carrie and I hate bullies so much you guys.

7.) Lochan from Forbidden

His devotion to protecting his family.. the dark secret he was holding.. this kid made me cry like nothing else. Really want to re-read this book to give it that fresh review that it deserves but I don’t know about riding that feels train again.

8.) Starr from The Hate U Give

I haven’t finished it yet, but I adore Starr and we can relate on many levels. She’s extremely brave and one of the best and brightest I’ve come across in YA fiction. For some reason I assumed this would be some one-off book and I wouldn’t be too into checking out the sequel but no, definitely open to checking out the sequel.

9.) Kitty from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

So in that book series we have a more serious sister, a balanced sister, and then are spastically fun little sister, Kitty. She is such an adorable and vibrant character and I would love to see a spin-off series with her grown up but still having that sense of fun and energy.

10.) L from Death Note

I want to include so many more manga characters in this list but if I had to pick one, L is definitely it. The long and short of it is that he’s boundlessly clever, amusing, and an unorthodox sort of outsider. He’s outsider goals to be honest, and I definitely feel a kinship with this character.

This was such a fun tag to do! Do you feel similarly about any of selections? Have you done this tag as well? (If so drop me a line below and I’ll check it out.)


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